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SPARCS2014 Program

Page history last edited by Ray Norris 6 years, 3 months ago

Provisional Program


Preliminary Program for Catania SPARC/EMU meeting June 2014
Wednesday 4 June: Session 1: Overview & technical developments
10:00 Coffee & Registration  (Chair: Grazia Umana)
10:30 Grazia Umana Welcome
10:40 Ray Norris SPARCS background and aims
11:00 Jon Zwart Bayes Twice: Stacking Revisited & What the CLEANer saw
11:30 Chiara Ferrari A new deconvolution algorithm based on sparse representations
12:00 Discussion  
12:30 lunch  
Session 2: Surveys  Chair Chiara Ferrari)
13:30 Ray Norris EMU reacceleration
14:00 Lukas Lindroos Stacking of intereferometric data - estimating sizes of marginally extended faint sources
14:30 Alessandro Maini Assessing the nature of IFRS in the SERVS deep fields
15:00 Afternoon tea  
15:30 Self-organised discussions
17:00 end of session  
Thursday 5 June: Session 3: SKA Pathfinders (chair Jasper Wall)
09:00 Ray Norris ASKAP/EMU overview & status update
09:45 Anna Kapinska The MWA All-Sky Survey and its first science
10:15 Coffee  
10:45 Russ Taylor Meerkat & MIGHTEE
11:15 Ray Norris ASKAP early science: how to be part of it
11:45 Discussion  
12:15 Lunch  
Session 4: Cosmology & Fundamentals (Chair: Russ Taylor, TBC)
13:30 Marco Regis Fundamental physics with EMU and MIGHTEE
14:00 Glen Rees The cosmological sensitivity of next generation radio continuum surveys
14:30 Sonia Anton Astrometry and AGNs in the Gaia-SKA era
15:00 aftenoon tea  
15:30 Jasper Wall The deepest source count at 3 GHz via MCMC and Bayes
16:00 Discussion  
17:00 end of session  
18:00 Conference dinner at a traditional (and brilliant!) Sicilian restauarant in Catania. Cost 35-40 euros each
Friday 6 June: Session 5: Clusters and multiwavelength observations (Chair: Nick Seymour)
09:00 Melanie Johnston-Hollitt Cluster Science with EMU
09:30 Tiziana Venturi Cluster Science with SKA precursors
10:00 morning coffee  
10:30 Paolo Ciliegi Synergistic science with Euclid and SKA pathfinders
11:00 Minh Huynh
The ATLAS 5 GHz Survey of the extended Chandra Deep Field South: Second Data Release
11:30 Russ Taylor
 JVLA and GMRT Deep Full Stokes Imaging of ELAIS N1
12:00 Discussion  
12:30 lunch  
Session 6: The Galaxy  Chair: Ray Norris
13:30 Roland Kothes Galactic Science with SPARCS:The study of Planetary Nebulae and HII regions
14:00 Corrado Trigilio SCORPIO
14:30 Francesco Cavallaro Spectral indices of Galactic sources
15:00 afternoon tea  
15:30 Denis Leahy
Radio emission from supernova remnants
16:00 Nick Seymour
Stacking, confusion, primary beams and faint source counts: scraping the bottom of the barrel
16:30 Discussion  
17:00 end of meeting  


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