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"The sky, the whole sky, and nothing but the sky"


SPARCS/EMU/MIGHTEE meeting, Catania, Sicily, 4-6 June 2014

to be held at Catania Observatory, Catania, Sicily, Italy

kindly hosted by INAF and the University of Catania


Use the short URL http://tinyurl.com/SPARCS14 to access this page.



The SKA PAthfinder Radio Continuum Survey (SPARCS) Working Group was established in 2010 with the following goals:

1)   To coordinate developments of techniques, to avoid duplication of effort and ensure that each project has access to best practice.

2)   To hold cross-project discussions of the specific science goals, to ensure cross-fertilisation of ideas and optimum survey strategies.

3)   To coordinate the surveys in their choice of area, depth, location on the sky, and other survey parameters, to maximise the science return from the surveys.

4) To distil the SKA pathfinder experiences into input to the SKA


At the February 2014 SKA meeting it was decided to merge the planned meetings for:

  • SPARCS (SKA Pathfinders Radio Continuum Survey WG)
  • ASKAP-EMU (the continuum survey of the Australian SKA Pathfinder)

into one meeting to be held in Sicily the week before the SKA meeting in Sicily. Numbers are strictly limited to 55, so it is important to register early. First come, first served!


Theme: At the last SPARCS meeting in Jodrell Bank, it was decided that future SPARCS meetings will be focussed on particular themes. The theme for this meting will be: "The Sky, the Whole Sky, and nothing but the Sky". In other words,:

  • What science areas require all-sky observations (e.g. clusters, cosmology, searching for the unexpected, legacy)
  • How easy is it to include the difficult bits of sky, such as the Galactic Plane?
  • How significant will be the  non-sky (i.e. interference)?




Coffee/tea/lunches/conference dinner

INAF have kindly offered to pay for all coffee/tea/lunches. You just have to pay for your evening meal. One evening we will have a conference dinner at a superb restaurant offering traditional Sicilian fare (Grazia's choice, and Ray can confirm it's a brilliant restaurant!) for about 30-40 euros each. Details to be advised nearer the time.




There is no registration fee. To register, email ray.norris@csiro.au, indicating which days you will be present for. If you would like to give a talk, please give a title (and optionally an abstract) and say which session you would like it in.




Catania Observatory, Catania, Sicily, Italy




Ray Norris

Matt Jarvis

Grazia Umana





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