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SPARCS Sept 2013

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 Understanding the Radio Continuum Universe with SKA Pathfinders:

 The 3rd SKA Pathfinders Radio Continuum Surveys (SPARCS) meeting

Note that  the best URL to use for this page is: http://bit.ly/sparcs2013 


Date: 11th  to 13th September 2013

Venue: Jodrell Bank, Manchester, UK


Conference theme: Defining the Science Path to SKA

How will the SKA Pathfinders change our science? What will we be doing differently as the results of the SKA Pathfinders Surveys? What does this mean for the SKA?


Meeting programme and talks


Meeting photograph SPARCS2013



Venue, Accommodation & Travel


Registration & Abstract Submission


We have now reached the maximum number of registrants for this meeting. The registration page below remains open for people to be added to our waiting list. If places to attend this meeting become available due to cancellations we will inform people on the waiting list on a first-come-first served basis.


Registration for this Conference is open to all and no registration fee is required. Registration page



Ray Norris (chair), Rob Beswick, Minh Huynh, Nick Seymour


Invited Speakers (currently confirmed)

Huub Rottgering - An update on continuum surveys with LOFAR
Ray Norris - ASKAP & EMU
Rob Beswick - e-MERLIN Legacy Continuum surveys
Tim Cornwell - Data processing and Astroinformatics Issues for the Next
Generation Continuum Surveys'
Matt Jarvis - Cosmology with SKA Pathfinder Surveys
Nick Seymour - Synergies between radio continuum surveys and other wavelengths
Minh Huynh - SKA continuum science
Kurt van der Heyden - An update on continuum surveys with MeerKAT
Leonid Gurvits - An update of continuum science with the EVN
Jim Condon - An update on continuum surveys with the Jansky-VLA


Participants (max 50)

  1. Ray Norris (SOC chair)
  2. Nick Seymour
  3. Isabella Prandoni
  4. Huub Rottgering
  5. Joe Lazio
  6. Ian Smail
  7. Alasdair Thompson
  8. Grazia Umana 
  9. Matt Jarvis
  10. Chiara Ferrari
  11. Jose Afonso 
  12. Anna Kapinska
  13. Rob Beswick
  14. Minh Huynh
  15. Susanne Aalto
  16. Kirsten Knudsen
  17. Lukas Lindroos
  18. Richard Schilizzi
  19. Tim Cornwell
  20. Peter Wilkinson
  21. Sonia Anton
  22. Hans-Rainer Klockner
  23. Richard Davis
  24. Carole Mundell
  25. Thomas Jarrett
  26. Miguel Perez-Torres
  27. Megan Argo
  28. Anthony Foley
  29. Philip Appleton
  30. Roland Kothes
  31. Elias Brinks
  32. Russ Taylor
  33. Stewart Eyres
  34. Kaustuv Basu
  35. Volker Heesen
  36. Ged Kitchener
  37. Nadeem Oozeer
  38. Richard Battye
  39. Danielle Fenech
  40. Pierre-Emmanuel Belles
  41. Chris Simpson
  42. Caroline Caldwell
  43. Jim Condon
  44. Keith Grainge
  45. George Heald
  46. Anthony Rushton
  47. Srabani Datta
  48. Rosie Bolton 
  49. Eric Murphy 
  50. John Morgan
  51. Neal Jackson




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