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SPARCS: SKA Pathfinders Radio Continuum Surveys Working Groupvarennes.jpg 


Maximising the science from radio continuum surveys

  • This wiki is publically viewable, but editable only by the "editing members" of SPARCS.
  • If you are an "editing member" but can't edit pages, then you are probably not logged in! You must first log in on the top right using your pbworks username and password.
  • Anybody can sign up for the SPARCS mailing list by sending an empty e-mail to sparcs-team+subscribe@googlegroups.com
  • If you are a member, you can send a message to all other members via sparcs-team@googlegroups.com 
  • If you are a member of SPARCS (i.e. you are on the SPARCS mailing list) but not yet an "editing member" and would like to edit this page, please contact Ray.Norris (at) csiro.au


About us


Summary of Surveys



SPARCS Initiatives

SPARCS Meetings



SPARCS Working Groups 

Membership is open to anyone who wants to actively participate. To join one of these, email the relevant leader, shown below. Each group will eventually have its own wiki - click on the link below to see it.


Active Groups


  1. Data quality assessment (Jordan Collier, Betsey Adams)

  2. Redshift determination (Ray Norris, Ken Duncan) 

  3. Calibration and Imaging (Bj√∂rn Adebahr, Brad Frank) 

  4. Machine Learning (Ray Norris, Mattia Vaccari) 

  5. Source Finding and Characterisation (Yjan Gordon)

  6. Advanced imaging and calibration (Brad Frank, Bjorn Adebahar)
  7. Multi-Wavelength Identification and Classification (Nick Seymour, Mattia Vaccari)
  8. SPARCS refernce fields analysis (Tom Muxlow, Roland Kothes)
  9. Science below the noise threshold and beating confusion (Jeroen Stil, Mario Santos)




Legacy (i.e. obsolete) wiki pages









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