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SPARCS WG on Source Finding and Characterisation



WG Goal

To evaluate the performance of source finders for use in next-generation radio continuum surveys, and work towards their improvement and optimisation. This includes source extraction, source combining (making physical radio sources from the extracted `sources'), and providing useful measurements on those sources.




An editable google sheet to track activities relevant to this working group can be found here.



WG Telecons

Links to recordings of working group telecons can be found here by clicking on the meeting date. Where slides for presentations at the meetings are available, direct links to these are listed below the meeting date.




WG Members: 

  • Yjan Gordon, U. Wisconsin-Madison (chair)
  • Mohammad Aklaghi, U. La Laguna 
  • Bonny Barkus, OU 
  • Francesco Cavallaro, INAF
  • Tim Galvin, Curtin U.
  • Nikhel Gupta, CSIRO
  • Catherine Hale, U. Edinburgh
  • Martin Hardcastle, U. Hertfordshire
  • Philippa Hartley, SKA 
  • Andrew Hopkins, AAO  
  • Natasha Hurley-Walker, ICRAR 
  • Ruta Kale, NCRA 
  • Israel Matute, U. Lisboa
  • Beatriz Mingo, OU 
  • Javier Moldon, IAA 
  • Leah Morabito, Durham U.
  • Emily Moravec, Czech Academy of Sciences 
  • Ray Norris, CSIRO/WSU 
  • Isabella Prandoni, INAF
  • Simone Riggi, INAF
  • Shirshir Sankhyayan, NCRA 
  • Lawrence Rudnick, U. Minnesota
  • Mattia VaccariUWC 
  • Imogen Whittam, U. Western Cape
  • Marc Yao, U. Western Cape 


Please email Yjan Gordon if you would like to join this WG 


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